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  • 🦾 Why Was Sam Altman Fired?

🦾 Why Was Sam Altman Fired?

PLUS: How To Talk To Videos With Bard AI

What's up Vibes Gang? We have uncovered the mystery behind the chaos at OpenAI. Why was Sam originally sacked in the first place? Let's find out!

So no BS, Just Jokes and Information, Let’s get into it!

Highlights of today's Newsletter

  • 🎥 How To Talk To Videos With Bard AI

  • 🎬 The Reason Why Sam Altman Was Fired At OpenAI

  • 🎞 xAI Plans To Launch Grok Next Week

  • 🤖 Machine Learning Boosts Brain Tumor Analysis

Plus cool tools and prompts that you can use to boost your productivity!


As announced in yesterday's newsletter, Bard AI was recently improved to understand YouTube videos better.

You can ask Bard questions about a YouTube video while watching it. Or have Bard analyze the video more deeply.

How To Use The New Feature:

  • Provide your link: Paste your YouTube video into Google Bard, and prompt Bard. For example, "Summarize the key points from this video."

  • Ask questions: Depending on the type of video, continue the conversation with any follow-up questions you desire.

  • Example question: Convert the video into a detailed content marketing strategy.

Here is how you can make the most out of the new feature as a creator.

Viral Potential Assessment: Share a new marketing video you created and ask Bard to estimate its viral potential and chances of trending based on past YouTube data patterns. Use the Prompt below

         Youtube Viral Master 

I want you to act as a viral marketing expert. I've just created a new marketing video that I'm planning to upload on YouTube. Based on your understanding of past YouTube data patterns and trends, I need your help to assess its potential to go viral. 

Please review the video and provide an estimate of its viral potential. Consider factors such as the content, the target audience, the timing of the release, and any other relevant factors that could influence its performance. 

Remember, your analysis should be based on past YouTube data patterns and trends. If you need more information about the video or the marketing strategy, let me know before you get started.

This Prompt was created using our AI Prompt Generator.

Vibes Bytes

The News: OpenAI reportedly had a big discovery called Q*. It might have led to the firing of their leader, Sam Altman. The researchers warned the board about Q*, an AI that can do simple math, something other AIs can't do. This small math skill is a big deal because it could be a step towards a super-smart AI. Altman's strange speech the day before he was fired, asking if they made a tool or a creature, makes more sense if this Q* thing is real.

Why it matters: If Q* is real, firing Altman might be because of worries about super-smart AI. The board's sudden and big actions start to make sense if Q* is a step toward really smart AI. Q*'s ability to do simple math is a sign that it might be a big deal. Altman's speech before leaving raises big questions about what they've created and how it might affect us.

The News: Elon Musk's new company, xAI, is set to launch Grok, a rival to ChatGPT, next week for X Premium+ subscribers. Grok will be directly integrated into X (formerly Twitter) and will have its tab. Setting itself apart from ChatGPT, Grok boasts a unique personality and real-time access to X knowledge. This advanced feature comes with a higher-priced X Premium+ subscription, costing $16/month, double the standard fee. Users can provide feedback to train Grok over time, improving its answers.

Why it matters: X, previously Twitter, is a top platform for real-time news but is also known for misinformation. With Grok's launch, xAI faces the challenge of managing the content fed into the AI, considering X's history. It will be intriguing to see how xAI addresses the balance between providing accurate information and avoiding misinformation within this AI-driven system.

The News: Researchers from the University of Florida (UF) Health have demonstrated the effectiveness of combining machine learning (ML) and liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry (LC-HRMS) to enhance the evaluation of brain tumors, specifically meningiomas. Published in the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, the research details how this approach refines the metabolomic and lipidomic characterization of meningioma tumors, providing a more efficient and precise assessment of their grades.

Why it matters: This introduces a more efficient way to evaluate meningioma brain tumors, particularly those of grade II, which pose a challenge for clinicians. The combination of ML and LC-HRMS not only streamlines the evaluation process but also maintains accuracy. This advancement could significantly impact clinical decision-making, guiding treatment strategies more effectively for improved patient outcomes.



🏥 Healthy Habits for Stress Management

This prompt is a sure guide for life coaching for stress management, focusing on refining habits and daily routines for improvement.

🐶 Understand Your Pet Behaviour

This prompt helps you with pet aggression, seeking behavior analysis and modification strategies for your pet

AI Art Prompt Engineering

To use this prompt Go to Midjourney

Prompt: massive Jupiter's atmosphere temple arcology civilization, molecular gastronomy double-exposure --no Depth Of Field, vignette


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  • 💳 Faircado: Find second-hand alternatives when you shop online

  • 📝 aiPDF: Just another AI tool for chatting with docs, only better

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